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I Wanna Hold Your Hand

There’s something the be said for holding hands on a journey.
(Photo taken from Creative Commons)

(If you are singing along to the Beatles right now, you are right on point. I’m singing the song in my mind right now too.) 

*Almost* every time my two-year-old tells me that he wants to hold my hand (i.e. while climbing up or down the stairs) I break out into song, and he often sings it along with me while we hold hands and swing our arms with extra exaggeration. Its a fun little way to enjoy the closeness of that everyday moment. 

The other day my friend posted an anonymous quote on Facebook that said, “As believers, we get to spend this life walking each other home.” What a thought! 

There’s something to be said for the sweet innocence of two little children holding hands together as they walk from point A to point B. Right away my mind goes to the words of Jesus, “Let the little children come unto me, and do not hinder them, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Much theology has gone into those words, but for me, this is what I’ve got right now: 

I see the heart of the Father loving the innocence of little ones: 

· Unburdened by complications 

· In love with the beauty that they see around them 

· Excited by the thought of holding hands with a friend 

· Energized with joy that finds them ‘skipping’ rather than just sauntering along 

· So very reliant and trusting of Him as their Good Father. 

Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. As in, “They get it. They know it. They find it. They enjoy it.” I want to know it and find it and enjoy it! And I want this for our hurting world, too! 

Here’s to childlike faith and holding hands with our brothers and sisters, and walking each other home – Heaven Bound! Even more so – we can put a bit of ‘skip’ in our step again as we see the Glory of Heaven shining down on us. Surely its never left us. His Word promises us that! 

Be blessed today, Friends. May the sweet, simple beauty of these thoughts encourage your hearts today. Does anyone else want to come skip along with me? I wanna hold your haaaaaaaaand… 

**Please note: Current social-distancing may advise against hand-holding right now, but the sentiment remains. 

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