About the Author

My story is one of redemption in-the-works by an Awesome God.

Despite growing up in a Christian home, and living a “stellar” Christian childhood and youth, as I’ve been able to look back I’ve learned that I never truly understood grace. Everything I did was to earn the approval of God and of others. And it almost cost me my very life…

I came out on the other side of a very dark, very long ten year battle through depression and self-harm with visible scars covering my arms (cuts and burns that required stitches and surgeries) and with significant weight gain and memory issues from medications and “treatments” for my altered mental state.

But things were going to get better and better…

I heard the voice of God speaking to me His love for me, and I cried healing tears for the first time after seemingly endless despairing tears. I dug into Scripture and into my faith like never before, and I found grace, mercy, healing, and love like I’d never known. Along the way I had a few key mentors that prayed with me and for me, and whom taught me quite a lot. I’m truly forever grateful for their roles and their impact on my newly healing heart and life.

I met the love of my life (through a God-ordained meeting at a city bus stop, I might add) whose been my best friend and my cheer leader and whom taught me to laugh in life when I’ve always been so serious. I’ve also been blessed beyond measure to become a mother to two beautiful, amazing little children. This is honestly beyond what I could ever have hoped for or imagined for my life. Motherhood, in all of its challenges, has been the best gift in the world, second to my renewed faith in Jesus Christ.

Since then, I’ve written my story and the book is nearly ready to be launched with the publisher. It’s my story, dealing with memories of perfectionism, depression and all that awfulness, and also what I learned about grace. I wove poetry throughout, too, because I’m a poet at heart. And I believe poetry reaches a deeper, more tender place within each of us because of the imagery and evocative word choice it allows.

I’ve also contributed a chapter in an up-coming devotional. My chapter specifically deals with letting go of shame and thereby allowing God to use my scars for His glory.

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I’ve been learning that God’s heart for me is to encourage others and to be a blessing and a voice of His Truth with the gift of writing that He placed within me long ago. The redemption that I witnessed in my own story shows me that no one is too far gone for Jesus to come into their lives and transform them.

As I continue walking out my own story, I’m keenly aware of the times we are living in. Jesus’s second coming is drawing near, and the chaos that is multiplying in our world simply can’t be missed, neither can it be brushed aside. It’s time for hearts to get right with God, and that only happens through accepting, believing, and confessing Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

In the middle of our brokenness, in the middle of our pain and trials, abundant life is still found in Him. My heart’s cry is for believers to get intentional in their faith and let go of the chains that are holding them captive.

If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed!

Greater is the One who is in us, than he that is in the world.

The first step is knowing who we are, and whose we are. The second is admitting our brokenness and our need for Jesus on a daily basis. And the third…not allowing ourselves to be yoked again into slavery – to sin and to the world.

We are free. We were bought at a high price.

His Love truly is relentless!

Be blessed, Friends!

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